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Claims: Don't have any. But seriously, if you do, the first order of business is to make sure that everyone is safe and emergency help is called if needed... or if you are not sure if it is needed.

It is said that "common sense" isn't so common, but trying to remain calm and to take a figurative step back and to evaluate the situation can go a long way in making common sense decisions that could save your own life or someone else's, and/or to prevent or minimize further damages.

Auto claims: Get people away from the road if there is a danger of being hit. Put on flashers, & or put out reflectors or flares when they could prevent additional collisions & doing so does not put one in significant danger.

Home: See if there are safe ways to eliminate or at least reduce danger to others and to minimize or eliminate further damage. If your home has suffered severe storm damage, most homeowner policies will pay for emergency repairs such as boarding up windows or covering up holes in the wall or the roof to minimize water damage or to keep out burglars and other intruders.

Give me a call and we can discuss what happened and the best options for handling things. It may not be a good idea to report something minor, such as a broken window, for instance, to your company if it is clearly below the deductible. I have had people call me looking for insurance because they were cancelled because of 2 or 3 claims in a relative short time frame and one or two of them should have never been turned in. They may have reported some minor claim which was below the deductible threshhold and they never collected anything, but it is showing up on their record as a property claim.

I may also be able to help give some ideas or recommendations on who else to call, such as emergency specialists who can help get flood or sewer water out of a home and help get the drying out process started before additional problems such as mold or wood warping etc. cause even more damage.